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I like the Slim 4 Life diet by Slimgenics: it is much better than those diet pills claimed to burn your fat while you are doing nothing. The dieting center offers free phone consultations for their customers, and a well-balanced diet plan suitable for nearly everyone: it focuses on changing your lifestyles and eating habits, healthy food choices, but does not contain any synthetic supplements. I have already lost 5 kilos due to the diet they recommended, Anafuse Reviews source

I have been to their nutrition center with my husband. We both are overweight, and we want to lose some pounds and get healthier, so we decided to give their diet program a try. We both like it so far: the consultants are nice and professional; they take individual approach to their customers and offer varied choices. We are eager to follow the program and see the first results! It seems much safer to lose weight naturally, without any appetite suppressants or other pills ...more

Dieting Plan

I have been on this diet for three weeks and I have some wonderful results to report! I lost 5 lbs within the first week, and my energy level was boosted, I felt better than ever before. After some two weeks I found out that I needed much less time to sleep, because I was actually able to relax and sleep soundly all night through without waking up at night - I guess this was because my body got rid of the toxins. I lost 12 lbs. PhenQ total during these three weeks (read Phenq), and it seems like my overall health has improved, too.

I trust in a diet like this much more than I trust in various diet pills. MyPyramid seems like a well-balanced, healthy dieting plan which includes wonderful recommendations regarding the diet and physical activity. It is somehow difficult and overwhelming to keep the record of your food intake and workouts, but then you get used, and feel more self-disciplined, after all! I have lost 23 pounds within three weeks due to following this plan, so I strongly recommend tryit it yourselves, it works wonders ...more

Extra Weight

I gained weight ten pounds last summer, and wanted to get rid of this extra weight, so,I started looking for slimming pills, and I ordered Apozin from Amazon. This pill turned out to be really good! I lost four pound over the first week, and four more pounds within the next two weeks. I am still on this medicine, and I am losing weight even without making any major changes into my lifestyle. I only quit drinking soft drinks and eating fast food (though I sometimes can eat a hamburger, TBH). The thing is, I'm eating the same food as before (with the two abovementioned exceptions), but in much smaller portions, because due to Apozin I almost never feel hungry, and I can easily control my appetite. I don't eat late in the evenings simply because I don't want to. I feel excellent: energized and toned; and I haven't noticed any side effects from this pill so far, look

This pill helped me to lose 20lbs. during the last month, and I also notice other improvements in my health: my digestive problems have disappeared, my skin is now fresher and cleaner, and I feel much better now, though before taking these pills I was always tired and weak because of the lack of vitamin B12 and iron. I am now full of energy without eating much, it feel so good, I used to eat much more than my body really needed, and even such huge amounts of food left me hungry. As for side effects, I had insomnia for the first two or three days, but then I was able to sleep well, I guess this was because my body needed to get used to the product. I'd recommend to try this pill yourself, it isn't a magic pill, but it works pretty well, at least I have no complaints ...more

Focused And Energized

I was a procrastinator and had problems with getting concentrated, so this pill got me interested as it was meant to deal with issues like this. The results didin't show up right from the start, but I noticed that I was better in concentrating on my work within the first two weeks, and then I realized that my memory improved, too. I have been on these pills for three months, and I definitely see the progress: I have quite a good memory, am focused and energized. I love the result, but remember that the effect may take some time to show.

I am 25, a full-time student and a full-time worker, and also a site supervisor: in general, I'm a very active and busy person, so I need my brain to work perfectly in order to be able to do all my tasks well, I opted for Procera and I have never regretted it ever since. I like what this product does to my brain: I manage to keep a lot of information in mind, all the intellectual activities have become easier, as well as social interactions, and I am almost always concentrated ...more


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