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I like the Slim 4 Life diet by Slimgenics: it is much better than those diet pills claimed to burn your fat while you are doing nothing. The dieting center offers free phone consultations for their customers, and a well-balanced diet plan suitable for nearly everyone: it focuses on changing your lifestyles and eating habits, healthy food choices, but does not contain any synthetic supplements. I have already lost 5 kilos due to the diet they recommended, Anafuse Reviews source

I have been to their nutrition center with my husband. We both are overweight, and we want to lose some pounds and get healthier, so we decided to give their diet program a try. We both like it so far: the consultants are nice and professional; they take individual approach to their customers and offer varied choices. We are eager to follow the program and see the first results! It seems much safer to lose weight naturally, without any appetite suppressants or other pills.

I am on my first stage of the diet: the detox. It is accompanied by slight headaches that occur from time to time (I was warned about this by the consultant), but in general, I feel really good. I have already lost a few pounds, there is no heavy stomach feeling: I hope the weight loss process will continue as good as it has started.

I have some question regarding this Slimgenics diet plan: why are they focusing only on eating the right products, but not on the exercising? Their plan seems to be too scale-based: you keep the diet and see the smaller numbers on scale, but you don't lose inches around your body that fast. I don't think a good slimming plan can be complete without any workouts. Our body needs physical activity to stay toned and slim, and if you both eat low-calorie food and work out, you will lose inches faster than weight because your muscle mass increases, but the body shape gets slimmer and better.

I don't like the way their diet plan pushes some supplements, many of which are either unsafe, or just too expensive. For example, they insist on your taking Sucralose, which makes people bloated and gassy, but they don't even mention the side effects of the supplements they recommend. Please remember this, and do your research before you agree to buy any supplements from them, the consultants are pushy and will make you buy more and more.

The company doesn't really care about the customers at all, they just charge all the money they can from you. They almost forced me to buy their product kit for a total price of $1700, and then I started feeling sick because of taking all those supplements (I had nausea, vomited several times, and had headaches). I complained about my bad condition and they offered me a supplement-free program, but no refund for all the stuff I'd already bought from them. In general, they are just focused on milking money from the people who are desperate about losing weight and would do anything for any price without second-guessing.


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