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Dieting Plan

Author: Irving Weissman

I have been on this diet for three weeks and I have some wonderful results to report! I lost 5 lbs within the first week, and my energy level was boosted, I felt better than ever before. After some two weeks I found out that I needed much less time to sleep, because I was actually able to relax and sleep soundly all night through without waking up at night - I guess this was because my body got rid of the toxins. I lost 12 lbs. Noom total during these three weeks (read Noom), and it seems like my overall health has improved, too.

I trust in a diet like this much more than I trust in various diet pills. MyPyramid seems like a well-balanced, healthy dieting plan which includes wonderful recommendations regarding the diet and physical activity. It is somehow difficult and overwhelming to keep the record of your food intake and workouts, but then you get used, and feel more self-disciplined, after all! I have lost 23 pounds within three weeks due to following this plan, so I strongly recommend tryit it yourselves, it works wonders!

I love the MyPyramid complex approach to health rather than focusing on weight loss only. The dieting plan is universal, applicable to both adults and children, and provides benefits for your health that are not limited to weight loss only. We have started following this plan, all the members of our family are involved, and we do see the results: I have lost 7 pounds, my husband has dropped 5 pounds, our kids (6 and 10 y. o.) who have never had any weigh issues before have just become generally healthier: they have fresher complexions, are more focused and energized. This is a really good diet plan for everyone.

I like the idea a lot, and have checked the website for recommendations concerning the best diet for me, but I think it is all too complicated, and they should've focused on informing people about the properties of individual products rather than recommending them complete meals. It would not hurt adding more alternatives to each product: we all are different, and what suits one person, may not suit another. For example, I hate milk, my body can't tolerate lactose, yet the recommended dieting plan for me contains 3 ounces of milk. What the hell? Why can't there be any alternative to milk? I appreciate the MyPyramid plan, it is really useful, but I think they should work a bit more on it and improve it to make it more user-friendly and individualized.

I don't get their standards, really. There is a form to fill in there, where you have to enter your parameters to get a diet plan developed for you; well, I entered mine: 25 y. o., male, 5,7 in. tall, weighing 182 pounds. According to the site, I'm overweight, and likely to have health issues in future unless I lose some weight. Wait, what? I'm stocky, yes, but not fat at all. Also, I'm absolutely healthy and active enough (I attend the gym twice a week and have quite intense workouts there). I could've never thought I had to drop any weight; my goal was maintaining my shape and developing a balanced, healthy diet plan for myself rather than getting thinner.

References: Identification of clonogenic common lymphoid progenitors in mouse bone marrow M Kondo, IL Weissman, K Akashi Cell 91 (5), 661-672 1997


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