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I gained weight ten pounds last summer, and wanted to get rid of this extra weight, so,I started looking for slimming pills, and I ordered Apozin from Amazon. This pill turned out to be really good! I lost four pound over the first week, and four more pounds within the next two weeks. I am still on this medicine, and I am losing weight even without making any major changes into my lifestyle. I only quit drinking soft drinks and eating fast food (though I sometimes can eat a hamburger, TBH). The thing is, I'm eating the same food as before (with the two abovementioned exceptions), but in much smaller portions, because due to Apozin I almost never feel hungry, and I can easily control my appetite. I don't eat late in the evenings simply because I don't want to. I feel excellent: energized and toned; and I haven't noticed any side effects from this pill so far, look theflipsideoffeminism.com/uricalm-reviews.html.

This pill helped me to lose 20lbs. during the last month, and I also notice other improvements in my health: my digestive problems have disappeared, my skin is now fresher and cleaner, and I feel much better now, though before taking these pills I was always tired and weak because of the lack of vitamin B12 and iron. I am now full of energy without eating much, it feel so good, I used to eat much more than my body really needed, and even such huge amounts of food left me hungry. As for side effects, I had insomnia for the first two or three days, but then I was able to sleep well, I guess this was because my body needed to get used to the product. I'd recommend to try this pill yourself, it isn't a magic pill, but it works pretty well, at least I have no complaints.

This product really killed my appetite! I lost 20 lbs. I never feel hungry, it gives you the feeling that you are full, and boosts your energy, and this is what happened to me. I exercised twice a week and kept the same diet as before, I just ate less, and this is how this pill works - you don't overeat, so you don't get fat, because you eat just as much as your body needs to function properly, not more. I feel so well, and I am thinner, everyone notices the changes in me, and this is coming from a person who had numerous failed attempts to lose her extra weight.

This pill worked only during the first week, and then it did nothing positive to me. However, it caused some terrible side effects: I felt anxious all the time, had sleeping issues, headaches, and even increased hear rate, though my heart never caused me any problems. I also noticed that my muscles were somewhat stiff, though I exercised no more or less than usual. Save your money, don't buy this dubious pill that does more bad than good.

I was 220 pounds when I started taking it, and now, after three weeks, I am still 220 pounds. This just doesn't work. A friend of mine recommended this slimming pill to me, she said it was working for her, but maybe, this is not for everyone. I read that this product had side effects and was not meant for people who have certain health issues, such as cardiovascular diseases and respiratory issues. Well, I had none of these, so I thought it could be more or less safe for me, but it gave me terrible headaches instead. Then headaches became weaker and not frequent, but they hadn't gone completely. And my friend, who praised this pill, gained her weight back after stopping it, it had very short-time effect on her. In other words, this pill is totally useless, and even dangerous for your health, stay away from it.

All I got from this pill was hair loss from low iron, and terrible dizziness. With such a high level of caffeine in this product, some caffeine-related side effects were predictable, and I was ready for them, but I thought it would help me lose weight, but this product didn't even do what it was meant to. I definitely don't recommend this.



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