Focused And Energized

I was a procrastinator and had problems with getting concentrated, so this pill got me interested as it was meant to deal with issues like this. The results didin't show up right from the start, but I noticed that I was better in concentrating on my work within the first two weeks, and then I realized that my memory improved, too. I have been on these pills for three months, and I definitely see the progress: I have quite a good memory, am focused and energized. I love the result, but remember that the effect may take some time to show.

I am 25, a full-time student and a full-time worker, and also a site supervisor: in general, I'm a very active and busy person, so I need my brain to work perfectly in order to be able to do all my tasks well, I opted for Procera and I have never regretted it ever since. I like what this product does to my brain: I manage to keep a lot of information in mind, all the intellectual activities have become easier, as well as social interactions, and I am almost always concentrated.

I bought this for my son who suffers from ADHD, which makes him do badly at school and have trouble concentrating and remembering things. After having been taking these pills for several weeks, he has improved his academic performance, which is a real sign of the product's efficiency. He remembers things easier, and is more focused; I notice this, as well as his teachers. He used to have mostly Cs, but now I see him getting usually Bs and even As at times! We are very happy about the results.

This product is suspicious as hell. The website says it doesn't have any significant side effects, but the label states the opposite: you can read there that this pill is not to be taken by people with high blood pressure, so, it is likely to increase blood pressure. I called their customer service agent, and he told me that the pill was absolutely safe and that I didn't have to worry. Also, he recommended that I consulted with my doctor after buying the pill! Do not trust this company; they just want to get your money by selling you their scam.

This product causes major blood pressure increased, so, if you already have high blood pressure, stay away from this as far as possible; if you don't still keep track on your blood pressure and measure it every day. I used to have no cardiovascular issues whatsoever, but I had to stop taking these pills after my pressure increased rapidly. Be careful if you don't want to harm yourselves, or, better, avoid this product.

This pill is too expensive, but does nothing. I ordered this for me and my wife, as both of us are not very young and have started developing some minor memory issues; we have already finished one pack without any positive changes. It seems that they're selling people dummy pills. Stay away from this and don't waste your money on this scam. We are struggling with the company to get our money back now.


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