Increase Metabolism

I love this product; it is a really strong fat burner. I've lost 50 pounds total on this! I have finished one bottle already and just started another one. I'm 235 pounds now, and I want to reduce my weight to 190, so, there is still much to lose. Well, I'm sure that I will achieve my goal. I don't only take the full doze. I take my first pill in the morning, an hour before my usual workout, and then I take another pill at 2.00 a.m. and eat something with that pill. Don't take these pills too late in the evening, as they can cause insomnia when take late. Also, it is important to drink a lot of water. The more water you drink the better. You will lose water together with fat, so, the body will need to restore the balance. I also exercise everyday (30-45 minutes). This is also essential, because exercising helps to burn fat even faster and also to build muscles. Many people get fatigue after a serious weight loss, so exercising is important to avoid this outcome. And now, about food. This pill does increase the metabolism, so you will have the results even if you don't keep a very strict diet, but again, avoiding junk food and keeping your calorie intake low will always give you the benefit of faster weight loss. I do all this, hence the results.

The recommended dosage is quite high: 2 pills in the morning, the other two in the afternoon. I wanted to avoid taking so many pills a day, so I tried different combinations: 3 pills, 2 pills, 2 pills in the morning, 2 pills in the morning and one in the afternoon, and vice versa: Then I found out that it was best for me to take two pills in the morning to have the energy for the day, and then a pill in the afternoon. However, this medicine made me a bit jittery before I figured out that I had to cut off coffee. It was unusual and uncomfortable for me at first to live without coffee, but, you know, we can get used to anything if we really want to. Also, I had to make myself drink much more water than I usually did: I carried a bottle of water with me everywhere I went! This lead to frequent trips to the bathroom, but I got used to this too. My progress is 3-5 lbs. a week, that perfectly fine for me. I also take some medicine to make me calmer, because this one does give me jitters from time to time, but the combo works.

I really love these magical capsules! I have much weaker appetite now, can control my cravings, and am more energized. I increased my workouts because I have enough energy for it now, and I see me getting into good shape again! I can fit in some of my old clothes now, and my tummy is flat. I even have some abs showing! This is probably due to my now intense fitness routine. This product is a really good fat burner and energizer, exactly what I need, so I'd recommend it for you folks, but please consult with your doctor before you decided to take this, because it can conflict with some other medicine, or birth control pills. Also, the instruction says that theses pills are not suitable for pregnant women. So, use it with cautions, but if there are no factors to stop you from using this product, do try this.

I started taking these capsules and I thought they would kill me. I don't know who writes all the positive reviews on them here, but I had only negative side effects from them. I had sleeping disorders, fast heartbeat, heavy sweating. One night I thought I would call the ambulance because my heart bet really fast, and I had fever and terrible headache. This was really scary! I couldn't blame it on anything else but those capsules, because I had never had any real heath problems, especially with my cardiovascular system, and I didn't take any other medicine along with this diet pill. In general, I am a healthy man of 35, I work out, play tennis, don't smoke and drink, so, there was no reason except for this pill that could've caused this all. I returned my capsules and am waiting to get my money back. Be careful with this pill, people; don't trust the commercials that much, all the companies praise their products and make them seem harmless and extremely helpful, hiding the downsides of them. So, at least consult your doctor before you decide to take some medicine. As for this pill's fat burning abilities: I even don't know whether they work well when it comes to helping you lose weight, as I abandoned them 10 days after I started taking them. I didn't lose any weight within this time, maybe such a period is too short to tell whether they work, but it was long enough to harm my health. I give it zero stars and recommend avoiding this pill.

This product did help me get a bit thinner, but it caused me problems, too, so I had to stop after 2 weeks. I suffered from insomnia the very first night after I took the pills, and I often felt dizzy, but I didn't pay attention to my condition that much. I had my wedding coming in a bit more than a month, so I agreed to tolerate the little discomfort if those pills could help me get skinnier by that time - I was so eager to look nice in the most important day in my life! However, some time passed, I did everything as was said in the guidance, used the recommended dosage, yet my condition worsened: I began to suffer from diarrhea, nausea, excessive sweating, and my headaches got stronger. I thought it was hight time to stop taking those pills, even thought I really lost a few pounds on them. This product works as a fat burner, yes, but it has too many side effects - and very bad ones! - to take it. Opt for something else, and stay away from this, please, these pills are a nightmare.

I have a very busy schedule, being a full-time college student and working in the evenings, so I really have no time to maintain a well-balanced, healthy diet. I eat rarely during the day, but when I do, it is mostly cheap junk food, and I eat a lot. So, I started getting plumper even though I am always active and in motion. Another problem I suffer from was tiredness. I drank coffee like crazy, and drank it really strong, to give me some energy during the day. I chose this pil over many others because it was meant to deal with both these issues: extra weight and the lack of energy. However, I got disappointed with them shortly. I can't say that it boosted my energy; it just made me feel dizzy and restless. I continued feeling tired during the day, but couldn't fall asleep at night. I did lose a few pounds on them though. I read that this product can cause some discomfort for people who are not used to high dozes of caffeine, but I have a really high daily caffeine intake, yet I suffered from feeling jittery, dizzy, and from insomnia. Despite this pill helps to lose a bit of weight, I don't recommend it, or, at least, I'd say use it with caution.


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