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Iím a happy owner of Endless Pool now, and Iím absolutely satisfied with it. It is like a regular treadmill, but meant for working out in the water, and is much more fun to use. It creates a current in the water and makes you feel youíre swimming against that current; it makes you use all your muscles and have a really great workout without getting exhausted too fast. I use it quite often, it is perfect for my small pool, and gives much better results that just swimming.

I have weak joints, so exercising with Endless Pool equipment is much better for me that the usual workouts in the gym or with the regular fitness machines, as it is both invigorating and relaxing, and puts little to no stress on my joints. I have lost two sizes already, and am very toned and fit now, I love the results. It is much easier to exercise in the water, but the results are actually better than those you get from ordinary workouts.

Endless Pool equipment is one of the best workout products Iíve seen; it is very easy to install and maintain, simple, fun and economical to use. It is very adjustable, too, so you can set your own pace and exercise swimming against the smooth current and having fun. We have this in our backyard pool, and all the members of our family love it! We use it a lot, and we all feel more toned, stronger and healthier now. It is much more fun to exercise in the water here where we live, because the climate is tropical and very hot here.

I love Endless Pool when it works, but it breaks down too often, sometimes we are left without it for months. The service techs are not very quick when it comes to repairing it, sometimes it feels like they just rip you off and donít care about the quality of their job at all, the pool breaks again soon after it was repaired. I donít know whether I am just that unlucky, or is this common of all the Endless pool equipment to break so frequently.

I would say this is one of the best workout products Iíve ever tried, but the routine maintenance and frequent breakouts spoil all the fun. I paid so much money for this, but it breaks down every now and then, so I have to take breaks in my exercising routine and pay the service techs for their not always high quality services, too. I even start to regret buying this, maybe I should have opted for a regular treadmill instead. This one is more fun, but it appears to be not practical.

I actually think this thing is not worth the money. It requires constant maintenance, so you end up paying much more than the purchase price for it, because the maintenance service is expensive, too, and Endless Pool breaks down a lot. Some parts, such as the motors and the liner, donít last. The advertisement tells you that the installation is easy, but this is not true, either. Some of their guidance tips are misleading, too. In a nutshell: this pool equipment is very expensive to buy and run, difficult to install and maintain, and also damages your pool (I found that the tiles in my pool started to crack around the equipment). I donít recommend buying it for your home.



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