Totally Changed

This thing is very convenient: you strap it to your arm , clip on the belt, and it monitors your calorie intake and burn. So, you can control how much you eat and how if affects your body with the help of this. Iím too lazy to calculate all the calories on my own, so I was very happy to find this. It helps me a lot in maintaining a healthy diet and consuming fewer calories than I lose. I am even a bit obsessed with all those numbers now, but thatís not a problem. The problem is its high price, but it is kind of worth the money.

I have been using this device for 3 weeks and Iíve lost 16 pounds! It is a wonderful result! I was skeptical about the price first, but I ended up being very satisfied with my purchase, because it really keeps you in control of what youíre eating, and helps you make healthier food choices. I love this thingy! I have totally changed my eating habits due to this.

This little gadget has helped me a lot. I am able to keep track on my calorie intake and burn now, so I mind what Iím eating, and try to exercise more in order to keep the level of calorie burn higher than the level of calories I consume with food. I have already lost 30 pounds (after several months of using this) but I have a bit more to lose, as I used to be obese. It is convenient and helpful, and absolutely safe: you make sure that you neither eat too much nor starve.

The gadget is glitch as hell. Sometimes it counts calories wrongly, the other time it refuses to load the data on my PC, and then it just stops working or the software says the device is off while it is on. I hate it. My boyfriend and I were stupid enough to buy two Buggs: one for me, one for him. Oh, if only we have bought at least one to see whether it works properly. These things are expensive, but not worth the price.

It was of great help when it worked, but the set up was tricky. Nevertheless, I contacted the support service and they helped me to install all the needed software and trained me to use it properly. However, the fact that there was no installation guidance in the box still irritates me. Well, then my Bugg stopped working. My computer could not connect the gadget and download the data from it. I contacted the service and they told me that the glitch most likely happened because of some software I downloaded on my computer, or a virus. They refused to even find out the real reason for it!

I am not sure about my using the gadget right; there is not even installation guidance with FAQs and detailed instructions on software installation and usage. Also, Iím unlucky enough to use it on Mac: the software glitches, and the device refuses to work every time there is a system upgrade. I canít find the words to describe my frustration. I even consider selling my Bugg because it is so hard to use and buggy (pun unintended).


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Totally Changed